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Ok this HID retrofit I did in the homie Phil's car is pretty straight forward.  This is just to show the process I took to fit a set of Audi A4 bi-xenon projectors into a stock S14 (97-98 Nissan 240SX) headlamp.  I ain't responsible for you messing up your headlamps because you aren't a craftsman.  Also in my opinion, any projector retrofit into an already existing projector headlamp should be a piece of cake, and results should be a little nicer, mainly because the mounting surface doesn't have to be fabricated using JB weld or some other epoxy type material.  Anyways, here's the pics for it along with some blurry captions embedded into each image, so feel free to right-click and save!  By the way, they might not be displayed in order, but when you DL them, they are named by #, so sort them.



Beam pics !!!


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