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UPDATED 7/7/09!!!


Green 94 Honda Civic CX hatchback (SOLD 7-28-06)

call my cel at (626) 786-7932, ask for Billy

taken from my Honda-Tech.com post:


SOLD on 7-28-06
2001 B20B motor, (no VTEC head yet) 99' B16 "S4C" tranny
lots and lots of mods (everything JDM)
extra parts as well

I am selling my hatch cause I just picked up my new car. There are lots and lots of mods on it, I have pics of it on my site here: http://www.turntableteknicianz...r.htm The 96 ITR suspension is no longer on there, I traded the homie for his GSR setup, cause I didn't wanna school the new person buying the car off me, on what you need to do to maintain the brakes later on in the future. I have GSR brakes on there now, with some black R2 Real Racing 5-spoke wheels. 10 lbs. with some Azenis RT-615 sports brand new, only driven on for like a week. Anyways, hit me up if you are in the market for a car like this. PLease no financial consultants telling me I could make more $$$ if I parted it out. I know that, after 4 years of owning this car, and spending stupid amounts of money on it haha. More recent pics coming soon. Nothing different, except for the wheels and brakes really. Oh and the Denji projector/ Valeo (Audi S4) H7/D2S converted HID projectors are now off the car as well, which I am selling with my Acura TL HID kit, which all ready to be "plugged and played" with on an EG coupe or hatch! So the JDM halogen H4H headlights are back on now.

email me at [email]djguamstyle@hotmail.com[/email], or IM me at: djguamstylettk

list of mods:
2001 JDM B20B motor all stock (except for B&M FPR which is practically stock)
99 S4C tranny (B16)
GSR exhaust (not installed yet)
extra magnaflow oval muffler
high-flow cat with 2.5" piping all the way back to the stock CX peashooter
B&M fuel pressure guage (to go along with the FPR)

GSR disc brakes all around
eBay rear lower tie bar
22mm ITR rear Swaybar w/hardware (not installed yet)
SPC rear lower control arms (not cheap either!!!)
SPC toe-adjuster kit (needed for the shortened LCAs)
Ex/Si front lower control arms (ready for a factory front swaybar!!!)
upper front and rear generic strut bars
J's Racing C-pillar bar (REAL DEAL, not Fake!)

JDM Stanley headlamps w/ Lamin-x clear film, looks super shiny after I clearcoated and layed the film!
Vision Amber Corners
Vision style mirrors (not installed)
JDM Stanley taillights (w/ custom inner brake lights)
JDM Stanley sidemarkers
OEM style foglights w/ yellow Lamin-X film on lenses, and clear film on shrouds (not installed yet, but wiring is, including switch! Just have to cut bumper out)
OEM mudflaps (bought 'em brand new when I first got her)
OEM front lip
JDM parking pole (missing chrome ring part, it fell off somewhere)
Spoon style CF duckbill (super nice fitment w/ small weave)
JDM rear glass (w/ sticker)
Tom Leykis "Leykis 101" sticker
I HEART My Honda original static cling sticker (I can't believe I'm listing stickers)
JDM registration month sticker on front windshield
Custom 1-off "I(heart)MyEG6" plate (only one in CA!!!)

Uber Rare 15x7 +40 offset Starform Basel Japan R2 Real Racing Wheels. 10 lbs.!!! Black 5-star design (look them up on wheel weights site)
205/50/15 Falken Azenis RT-615 (barely driven on for one week!!!)

JDM Integra GSR black seats front and rear
JDM steering wheel
JDM cluster (coupe cluster w/ TCS light on it)
JDM clock
JDM climate control (faceplate swap and amber bulbs)
JDM front maplight (goes where EK one goes, needs to be remounted again but hole is there)
JDM defroster switch
OEM foglight switch
JDM pole switch (not wired up yet, but will explain how to do it)
JDM road flare
OEM optional Audio console
OEM optional armrest
OEM optional rear speaker kit (blue panels but can't tell really)
OEM trunk cover

I am taking out my headunit, to put in my new car
4 Pioneer 6.5" 4-way speakers 160W max all around
OEM harness still in tact, AMP is designed to mount behind driver seat, for concealment!
DEI Python Alarm (very sensitive and remote reaches I swear one mile!, great for this car, due to super high theft)
Autometer Phantom A/F ratio guage mounted on steering column (matches JDM white face guage cluster)


Acura/Honda OEM yellow fog capsules

Found on all older USDM model Legends, Vigors, Preludes, and all JDM Honda headlamps that have a yellow foglight, like DA6 Integra (1-piece), DC2 Integra (Type R), BB6 Prelude (1-piece), etc.

*Note, this is the capsule you need to turn your US 3-piece 90-93 Integra fogs into yellow, without any fabrication!  Clips right in, great mod for those who do not want to switch over to JDM H4H 1-piece headlights, but want yellow fogs!


Mugen MF10L replacement stickers

Great, for if you've damaged your OEM stickers or if you want everyone to think your Rotas are Mugens.


Mitsubishi random shit!


OEM GM 2008 DVD/CD/MP3 Player (Delphi)


Custom Subaru Impreza GDB Kick Panels w/ Focal 3 way components and crossovers


AEM Cold Air Intake for Subaru Impreza WRX/STi 04-05 (Used)


TEIN Subaru Impreza Hood Dampers (Brand New)



Toyota Tacoma (99-00) OEM headlamps (Used)


eBay Nissan 240SX S13 mirrors with LED blinkers (Brand New)